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Opportunities lie in what other companies do not do.
Armed with unique creative ability and production system,
we aim to achieve “everlasting growth”.

Business activities of “Nakano Apparel” are finding needs in the diversifying apparel market beforehand, creating new values [products] and support enriching the society.

Designers and pattern makers always stay in the office and fabricate original samples promptly according to the trend and needs in the market, and we propose those samples to apparel manufacturers in a timely manner. In addition, we established factories in China and then in Yamagata and have built a system that enables us to precisely meet customers’ requests and orders and improve the cost effectiveness.

Opportunities lie in what other companies do not do, providing possibility of creating new values. We will not forget the basic philosophy of founding the company, never stop progress, orchestrate employees’ wisdom and energies and always make new challenges.

advantage 1

“Solution-based Production System”
enabling us to take on
everything from proposals to production

process details

Nakano Apparel is an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and original design manufacturing (ODM) company, focusing on “cut and sew” in which knitted cloth is cut and sewn. Having our own factory in China, we established a consistent production line that enable us to take on all production processes from planning, proposal, material procurement and development to sewing. Since then, not merely providing a production line, we have become a planning partner supporting respective brands of manufacturers. We believe that our contribution in the apparel industry is proven by the growth of our performance and the expansion of our business field.

advantage 2

To realize the demand
from diverifying customers

graph performance

In addition to the head office in Tokyo, Nakano Apparel has seven factories including those in Nanyo-shi and Shirataka, Yamagata, Japan and in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China.
Each factories have their own areas of specialty such as material development, sewing technology and control of production speed and cost as well as regular production line. Utilizing respective features and coordinating various operations, we can satisfy diversified demands of customers.

tokyo head office

A technical team always stays in the office, so we can constantly study on our products and provide proper technical information to customers.
In addition, we constantly communicate and have meetings with factories in Japan and China to work efficiently, acquire high technology and supply commodities that can satisfy customers.

tokyo head office picture
tokyo head office picture

Full-time service of
pattern makers

Engineers always stay in the office, so we can promptly respond to customers’ requests and questions. We can find the fashion trend firsthand in Tokyo and can reflect the trend in our technology in our organization.

tokyo head office picture

Fully-equipped sewing room
in the office


Since we can have face-to-face consultation with customers (designers), we can share delicate concept, communicate smoothly and work promptly.

tokyo head office picture

original sample brand

We have started a new brand “JERSEY” for customers. In daily business meetings, we propose materials according to four seasons and optimal sewing techniques.


Show Room

In the Tokyo office, we have a showroom always displaying about 300 items and talk business with customers. Using our proposed brand “JERSEY”, we propose materials and sewing methods to customers and introduce materials produced in various areas in Japan. In addition, “monthly sweets” are provided to host customers, and the Tokyo office is also used as a showroom of factories in Yamagata and Wuxi.

show room

3rd Floor, Sumitomoseimei-Nihonbashi-Kodenmacho-Bldg, 11-9, Nihonbashi
Kodenmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

TEL/+81-3-3622-4481 FAX/+81-3-3662-4482

Head of the Company/Keiji Nakano

yamagata factory picture

yamagata factory

Commodities are produced based on production plans made by the Tokyo head office. In the Yamagata factory, we aim to improve the work efficiency while keeping the quality in order to deliver commodities to customers quickly after inspecting them at the factory.

yamagata factory picture

Operation of sewing machines by standing workers

Instead of the conventional method in which workers sew respective parts in separate work processes in an assembly line, “standing workers operate sewing machines” so that they can move easily and one worker can work in multiple processes.

yamagata factorye picture

Introduction of one-piece cloth cutter

Since a plotter is used to match patterns one by one and then cutting is performed, large cutting called “Ohdachi ” is not performed any longer and only one worker is needed for the work. In addition, pattern match can be performed for the next part at the same time, so one operator can cut 300 pieces a day.

yamagata factory picture

Advanced sewing technology developed by us

Techniques called “ball-chain Chidoridome” and fascinating “4mm-binder” are introduced to sewing machines. In addition, sewing machines equipped TPS attachment enables operators to perform match sewing. Workers can also perform seamless sewing with a seamless sewing (adhesion) machine.


Nanyo-shi, Yamagata Factory

1-58, Koriyama, Nanyo-shi,Yamagata Japan
Head of the company/Keiji Nakano
Factory manager/Yumi Kato
Established/October, 2012
Site area/4245.88㎡
floor area/2 floors, 2985.74㎡/a floor

Shirataka, Yamagata Factory

4369 Jyuohminami, Shirataka-cyo,
Nishiokitama-gun, Yamagata, Japan

journey into factory

Nanyo-shi, located in south-east of Yamagata prefecture, has population of about 32,000. There are many sightseeing spots including Akayu hot spring developed about 900 years ago and Kumano Taisha Shrine that has the longest history and largest scale in the Tohoku district. Tourists can enjoy cherry fruit, apple and grape picking, and wine and fruit cakes are famous specialties there. In addition, people can enjoy beautiful nature varying in four seasons, and the city holds festivals featuring cherry blossom, rose, chrysanthemum, etc. in respective seasons. Why don’t you take a walk in the idyllic environment while forgetting the clamor of urban life? Please also enjoy local cuisine in Nano-shi and Yamagata’s famous dish “karamiso (spicy bean paste) ramen” during sightseeing.


Akayu (red blood) hot spring.This name derived from the legend that samurai warriors wounded in wars bathed in the hot spring to heal their wounds and resultantly hot water become reddish. There are two footbaths and one hot spring for drinking.


Eboshiyama-Jinja Shrine in Eboshiyama Park designated as one of 100 places famous for cherry blossoms in Japan.


Nanyo Sky Park where people can enjoy a walk in sky: Hang-glider and paraglider training schools are also held.


Karamiso (spicy bean paste) ramen: Spicy flavor is adjusted according to customers’ taste. You will get addicted to this dish once you taste it.


Nanyo is said to be the original place for grape growing in Yamagata Prefecture. Various types of grapes are grown and tourists can enjoy grape picking and wine.

china factory

The Wuxi factory has a consistent production line from cutting of cloth, sewing, finishing, product inspection and packing to shipment. Wide-ranging workforce handles various types of apparel and delivers products quickly to meet customers’ needs, and ensures stable quality and high productivity.

china factory picture
china factory picture

Capable human resources having wide-ranging knowhow

As many as 400 staff members are working in the factory. Fusing the steady traditional technology and the leading-edge technology, they can respond confidently to customers’ various demands.

china factory picture

Quick delivery enabled by cooperation between factories in China and Yamagata

The Yamagata factory has advanced delicate technology while the Wuxi factory has rich human resources having excellent skill for respective processes such as sewing and design. In mutual cooperation utilizing the features of two factories, we can achieve quick delivery while keeping the product quality.

china factory picture

Sense of relief by the fact that production is made 100% for shipment to Japan

Almost all products manufactured in the factory are shipped to Japan. They understand Japanese customers’ wishes and requests sufficiently based on their long years’ experience, and manufacture reliable high-quality products.


Wuxi, China Factory

No.105 Jingyi Rd(N),Yixing Economic and
Technological Development zone,
Jiang Su,China
Head of a company/Keiji Nakano
Established/2005 Site area/23000㎡

Shanghai Office

1403 XinDa Bldg.No.322 XianXia Rd,
ShangHai,China Postcode:200336

journey into factory

Wuxi is located in the south of Jiangsu, China, about 128 km west of Shanghai. Lakes and canals account for about 16.5% of total area, so Wuxi is known as a “city of water”. This is also a famous industrial city where big Japanese companies are operating. Spring and autumn are the best seasons for sightseeing. Please take a walk in the historic city, visit temples and big lakes and enjoy yourselves.


Grand Bronze Statue of Reizan (Holly Mountain) Buddha: This 88m tall, world’s biggest “spectacular” statue completed in 1997 and standing in open air is a very popular tourist spot.


Tea cups and pots made of unique earth component called “shibasuna (purple sand)” that blocks water while steam passes through it. These tea utensils make tea flavor mild.


Please enjoy Wuxi’s specialty dishes such as steamed crab bun, wonton and hot-pot seafood cooking for memories of travel.

Grand Bronze Statue of Reizan (Holly Mountain) Buddha: This 88m tall, world’s biggest “spectacular” statue completed in 1997 and standing in open air is a very popular tourist spot.

advantage 3

System to maximize
“quality × cost efficiency”

The main target of our products is carrier women in their 30s and 40s. To satisfy their requests for both “reasonable price and high quality”, it is essential to have a system that enables us to catch the trend and needs in the market and propose a new products to manufacturers as soon as possible. In addition, we use highly precise machinery and devices developed by us to effectively perform high-quality work in respective processes in our factories. Our staff has high technology to operate the precise machinery, so we can meet customers’ various needs.

advantage 4

Young staff members, working actively,
will play a leading role in tomorrow’s
global corporate group.

In the business field covered by Nakano Apparel, “fashion sense” and “fresh sensitivity” are essential elements. Nakano Apparel has continuously employed young workers and new graduates without being influenced by business conditions. So, our workers have been working so passionately in the head office and factories in Yamagata and China. Visitors often get surprised by how highly motivated our workers are.“Fusion of rich experience of elderly persons and fresh sensitivity and ideas of young people” is a very important element supporting Nakano Apparel’s fashion.